​The Musical Arts Piano Conservatory
​Lessons and Classes for Every Age

2101 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33606  USA
  Location next to Downtown and Hyde Park
 Easy on/off to Interstate 275​

New Student Registration

Welcome new students, parents, and adult students! 

Easy  registration for Children's Classes and Adult Piano Classes:  fill out form below and submit. 
No need for an interview for children under age 6 for class programs.

 For Private Lesson Programs for all ages, the registration process has three steps:  a free interview,
submitting the online registration form below, and making your tuition payment.
1.  To start, fill out the form below and submit.  
         Upon submission, you will  receive a welcome email from our Director.  A second email be provided with the Student Login code which gives access to the Student Portal located on the first page of our website.   You can reset the code to one of your choosing. 

Note:  Tuition payments may be made via cash, checks, automatic checks and bank transfers, and debit/credit cards.  You may also send payments via Square Cash app, found at www.cash.me.

2.  For students in Children's Classes for Age 6 and under:
     you will receive an email tuition invoice shortly.  You may click Make Payment Now on the invoice using your cc/debit card or any of the other payment methods listed above.  Tuition for Classes must be paid in full prior to the start of the first class session.

3.  For Students in Private Lessons Programs of every age: 
     upon submission of the form, our Director will contact you to make an appointment for a free interview to meet your teacher and see our facilities.  Once you have had the interview and selected a teacher and lesson day/time, your invoice for first month tuition will be emailed.  Your tuition can be paid with cc/debit card by clicking Make Payment Now or any of the other payment methods listed above.  
Private Lessons Programs must have first month tuition paid prior to first lesson.

 Call or email if you have further questions.

​Additional Payment Details

Starting February 1, 2018:
if u sing Square Cash, please tabulate and add a 3.5% convenience fee to your payment.
Our cashtag is $pianopayment.  Use the cashtag to send payment once you have  downloaded  the app
and signed in. After the initial payment, further payments may be made in a snap!

​For debit and credit cards, we use Stripe, one of the most popular and secure payment platforms worldwide.   
Pay your tuition by clicking on your emailed invoice, or enter our online Student Portal. 
Just log in, go to your account, and click make payment.  Follow instructions to make your payment
using your debit or credit card.  There is a 3.5% Convenience Fee to use this service.